“Possibility is a tragedy if you think about it.”

Denise tugged her carry-on a bit closer to the row of gate seating.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

I was thumbing through an old copy of Sports Illustrated which had been left on the end table next to…

I read a book yesterday
Where the main character
Has his whole life ahead of him
And he starts his career happily

That hero was younger than me

I remembered feeling similarly
I remembered moving towards
Accomplishing something that
I could be proud of eventually

In fact it seemed pretty…

Whenever I pass through Derrianne, MA, I routinely pass by the corner of Grant Street and Salem Avenue. Three houses down from the intersection, on the rolling lawn of a vinyl sided split-level, sits an old doghouse containing “the oldest dog in the world”. The reason I know she is…

“What’s your choice, Marcus?”

What’s the choice, indeed.

Marcus Smart had known many of the Ents for a long time, but he had never thought they would come to him when it came to making a decision. They tended to take matters of the planet into their own…

Sam Sheehan

I once made an awesome 'that's what she said' joke in my 10th grade AP Bio class. Like four people laughed. Co-host of the Scorching Shamrocks Pod on CLNS Radio

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